BBC DJ returns with another awkward interview, this time with Jennifer Aniston

Remember the video that did the rounds earlier this year in which BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark fumbled his way through an awkward interview with “Oz: The Great and Powerful” star Mila Kunis? The interview, which Kunis described as “the best interview I've had all day," quickly went viral thanks to Stark’s baffling approach that tackled everything from Jagerbombs to Nando’s chicken. Now, it looks like Stark is set to storm the Internet again after meeting Jennifer Aniston.

The 26-year-old DJ from BBC Radio 1 met the former "Friends" star to talk about her new comedy “We’re the Millers,” and he left Aniston looking more than a little bemused thanks to his cringe-worthy line of questioning.

Kicking things off, an awkward-looking Stark admitted to the 44-year-old actress that he’d been given a Hollywood makeover for the interview. “I've had a bit of a makeover,” he said. “They've put loads of makeup on me. ... I feel like a pig in a wig.” He then went on to attempt to explain the expression before upping the cringe factor further by tackling the star’s role as a stripper in the film.

Asked if she’d done any research for the role, Aniston replied: “All my research came from my 20s.” But Stark pushed further, asking if she’d “gone to Prague or anything to research it” before launching into a story about the time he’d visited the Czech capital with some of his friends. “Me and my mates went to a strip club in Prague,” he said. “But it was an odd experience because they offered a steak meal while the girls danced.”

Things continued to go downhill as the flustered interviewer went on to admit to Aniston that she was a common name on his friends’ lists of celebrities they’d like to sleep with. He then asked the bemused actress: “I just wondered how it works with someone famous — do you have a list of normal people that you fancy, does it work like that?”

While she wasn’t as forthcoming as Kunis was, Aniston was a professional who played along with the young interviewer and even graciously accepted his gift of a Watford FC soccer shirt.

What do you think of Aniston’s interview? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and for old time's sake, let's watch that delightful Kunis interview once again:

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