Benedict Cumberbatch gets ordained, performs wedding ceremony in Ibiza

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The mystery of how Sherlock Holmes ended up officiating a wedding in Ibiza this weekend has been solved -- he was a friend of the couple getting married.

According to the Mail Online, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays the eponymous detective in BBC's "Sherlock") travelled to the Spanish island last week to conduct the outdoor ceremony for Seth Cummings and Rob Rinder.

"It's a very private, lovely thing to be asked to do," the 37-year-old actor told Vulture. "Of course, I'm going to make a joke after it, 'I do weddings. Next will be children's parties and bat mitzvahs,' if it goes well."

Photos posted on Facebook (on entrepreneur Ivan Massow's page) show Cumberbatch in a dark suit with a white open-collared shirt as his friends exchange vows in a picturesque scene at the Hacienda Hotel overlooking a cliff.

Though it's hard to tell from the photos, the thespian did appear to be a little nervous before the big event, having been only recently ordained. "It's a mainly Jewish and gay audience, so hopefully they will be lenient towards me," Cumberbatch told Vulture before jetting off to the sunny locale.

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But it seems to have all gone well. Another photo shows the actor postwedding relaxing in a bathing suit at a bar with a bunch of friends, including rumoured girlfriend, 26-year-old model Katia Elizarova.

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