Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the surprising nickname for his female fans

Carly Maga

We already know about the Twihards, Tributes, Beliebers, Selenators, Swifties, Lovatics, and the Rihanna Navy, but fan nicknames aren’t only for 'tween pop culture crazes. Other actors have also amassed followings of fervent fans, some of whom have embraced much more creative maniacal monikers.

Take "Sherlock" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" star Benedict Cumberbatch, for example. His striking cheekbones and blue eyes, deep voice, incredible talent, and certain je-ne-sais-quoi has inspired a community of female fans who have come up with their own titillating names for themselves. And yes, Cumberbatch thinks it’s a bit risqué too.

The British actor, 36, joined Chris Pine and Kim Cattrall on “The Graham Norton Show” over the weekend, and the conversation turned to their fan bases. Pine’s call themselves Pine Nuts, while Cumberbatch shied away from saying his own fan base's name out loud.

Ultimately, it was Pine who finally blurted it out: “Cumberbitches!”

See the moment around the 13-minute mark:

“I don’t think they meant to offend themselves when they called them that,” Cumberbatch quipped.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in theatres May 10. Cumberbatch himself is also currently filming the third series of "Sherlock," which will certainly give his fans plenty to Cumberbitch about.

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