Beyoncé’s $40 million Father’s Day gift to Jay Z: Report

Carly Maga
The Juice

It's already common knowledge that Blue Ivy might be be the most spoiled baby in the world, but now it looks like Jay-Z takes the title of Most Pampered Papa. For this past Father's Day, the first for the 42-year-old hip-hop mogul, his wife, Beyoncé, allegedly got him one mother of a gift: a $40 million jet plane.

That's right. $40 million. Jet plane. That tie and iTunes gift card you got for your dad this year don't seem so exciting, do they?

And what exactly does $40 million get somebody, in terms of airborne luxury? The Bombardier Challenger 850, the model Bey is rumoured to have chosen for her hubby, can hold 15 passengers and features amenities such as a kitchen, living room, two full bathrooms, and a pretty swanky interior. Basically, imagine that penthouse apartment you can't afford, slap some wings on it, and chuck it 40,000 feet into the air.

Of course, family vacations are integral to any childhood -- and with concerts, meetings, galas, and awards shows happening all over the word, the Carter clan will probably be doing lots of them. But it seems unlikely that Jay-Z will strap blow-up mattresses to the top of the jet while Beyoncé prepares a cooler full of orange slices and sandwiches, and Blue kicks the back of the pilot's chair, asking, "Are we there yet?"

Then again, to each his own, right? One thing's for sure: Bey is going to have a tough time beating this present next year.

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