Kyle Massey Denies Internet Rumor He’s Dying of Cancer

Kyle Massey Denies Internet Rumor He’s Dying of Cancer

Rumors swirled on the internet over the weekend that former Disney Channel star, Kyle Massey was dying of cancer. The gossip picked up so much steam, in fact, that the “news” has trending worldwide on Twitter. The 21-year-old sat down with "omg! Insider" on Monday to set the record straight and put the rumors to rest.

The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant first heard about the rumors when his friends and family called him with concern. "I was sitting at home and my phone just started blowing up with just concerned calls," he tells "omg! Insider. " "I didn't even know this was happening."

But he didn't stop there. Kyle wanted to ease his fans' worries, explaining, "I am here today to let everyone know I am A-OK."

Check out the vid to hear more from our sit-down with Kyle and tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV Tuesday night to see the full interview.

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