Charlie Sheen accidentally gives $2.5 mil Babe Ruth-signed baseball to Zac Efron

Carly Maga
The Juice

Charlie Sheen isn't bragging about his tiger blood anymore, but that doesn't mean his partying has slowed down completely. In fact, one recent evening of drinking and socializing was reportedly pretty blurry for the 47-year-old "Anger Management" actor, until he noticed that a prized baseball signed by Babe Ruth was missing from his collection.

"One evening he and Zac [Efron] had been having a wild boys' night at Charlie's. Charlie showed him his collection and Zac was blown away by the 1920s-signed Babe Ruth baseball which he'd bought at auction for around £1.6 million," a source told the U.K.'s Daily Mirror. The insider added that Sheen, feeling particularly imbibed and impulsive, gave the 25-year-old actor the collector's item baseball on the spot, worth over $2.5 million in Canadian dollars.

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Sheen reportedly forgot his involuntary benevolence until the next morning, and now "he doesn't quite know how to ask Zac for the ball back." Yes, it sure sounds like Sheen is in a pretty big pickle with the Great Bambino.

Efron hasn't commented yet about his new collector's item signed by "The Kid of Crash," widely considered to be the greatest baseball player that ever lived. But it's the latest in a string of good deeds that Sheen has done for his friends and those in need in recent months.

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In November, Sheen reportedly gave his "Scary Movie 5" co-star Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help get her out of debt (which she recently got around to thanking him for). He was also touched by the story of a California police officer's 10-year-old daughter going through cancer treatment, and donated $75,000 to pay for her medical costs.

Perhaps it's the holiday season that is bringing out the giving spirit in Sheen, who was acting much more Scrooge-like last year during his public meltdown and heated feuds with Chuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men." Efron probably doesn't need the help as much as a child with cancer, or Lohan, who is still in deep tax debt, but perhaps Sheen will shrug it off as a particularly lavish early Christmas present.