Will Cheryl Burke be the next ‘Bachelorette’?

Carly Maga
The Juice

She's fiery on the dancefloor, for sure, but when it comes to her love life, "Dancing With the Stars" ballroom dancer Cheryl Burke says it's a little damp. And she's hoping a new season of "The Bachelorette" can heat it up.

"I did interview with the execs and we'll see what happens in the future... It hasn't been an offer but if they offer it to me, I would love to do it," Burke told the press after Monday night's "DWTS: All Stars" episode, in which she's currently partnered with former NFL pro Emmitt Smith again. Together, they previously won first place in Season 3.

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This past July, Burke was linked with Toronto Maple Leafs player Joffrey Lupul, but sadly, it seems like that relationship was pretty short-lived. As she recently told the New York Post, "it was a fun little summer thing. We are friends. That is about it... Nothing came out of it."

In fact, Burke's brief stint with Lupul might have even encouraged her desire to go on the hit dating reality show.

"I dated a couple of guys over the summer and it turned out all bad so I figure if someone were to make the choice for me, then maybe I would have a better chance," she told reporters on Monday. "I would make a choice… out of a pool of men, hopefully there would be one special person."

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Hockey players or no hockey players, Burke stated that her love life was "non-existent for almost three years," and "The Bachelorette" has been on her mind since June. The 28-year-old California native first stated her interest in the show at the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, saying, "I'm getting old, you know, so it's something of interest to me."

The leap from hockey pucks to red roses might be a big one, but should she be chosen for "The Bachelorette," Burke should be able to tango her way into the hearts of all of her suitors.