Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite on ‘Cougar Town’

The Juice

Monica and Chandler are back! Ten years after "Friends" went off the air, the stars who played them are reuniting on screen.

On the upcoming Jan. 14 episode of "Cougar Town" (it airs Jan. 14 on TBS), Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry get hot for each other once again. Perry will guest star as Sam, who gets into a car accident with Cox's character and asks her out.

The 49-year-old actress admitted she had trouble not lapsing back into the duo's old ten-season routine on "Friends."

"I just have to keep remembering that I don't know him on this show, because it's so comfortable and so nice to be with him," Cox told ET Canada of their reunion.

In November, Vulture spoke to "Friends" executive producer Scott Silveri to find out how the Monica-Chandler pairing came about.

"The goal from the get-go was to treat Monica and Chandler's hookup as a surprise, a jolt in the second half of the hour-long episode to add some energy and fun," Silveri said.

But the relationship -- which culminated in the characters marrying in Season 8 -- turned out to be more than fun, almost eclipsing the core relationship of the show between Ross and Rachel.

"If you didn't have a Monica-and-Chandler relationship, if the center of 'Friends' had remained Ross and Rachel, you would've seen a much shorter shelf life for the show," Silveri explained. "Without Monica and Chandler, it ends three years earlier."

So, will we ever see Cox and Perry as Monica and Chandler again? Perry thinks it's possible.

"There's such an overwhelming desire for it that maybe at some point there will be," the 44-year-old Ottawa native told ET.