Danielle Fishel from ‘Boy Meets World’ poses for Maxim

Soraya Roberts
The Juice

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter aren't the only "Boy Meets World" stars who have improved with age.

Danielle Fishel, who played Cory's wife Topanga Lawrence on the ABC sitcom (and will reprise her role for the new Disney spinoff "Girl Meets World") has returned to the spotlight as Maxim's April cover girl.

"Ahhh! I'm so excited to be @MaximMag 's April cover girl!" Fishel tweeted on Friday.

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The 31-year-old actress, who played Topanga from 1993 to 2000, strips down to bits of lingerie for the photo shoot, which has a vintage "naughty housewife" feel. And Fishel showed off her X-rated conversation as well.

"If you ever really want to see me embarrass my­self, put on some Notorious B.I.G. and watch me grab my crotch and mouth all the words," she told Maxim. "It’s really embarrassing, but I can’t help myself."

Fishel also addressed long-standing rumours that she and "Boy Meets World" co-star Ben Savage used to date.

"No!" Fishel insisted. "That rumor was entirely my fault, because I once said, on 'The Tyra Banks Show,' that Ben and I went on a date, and that turned into 'Danielle and Ben dated.' We went on one date, when I was about 15, and by the time the dinner was over we realized mutually that we were more like family than lovers."

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Though fans can't wait for her upcoming reunion with Savage on "Girl Meets World" (the duo will play the parents of the series' teen heroine), Fishel hasn't exactly been resting on her laurels since the original show ended 13 years ago.

After "Boy Meets World" concluded, she appeared in a handful of films, including "National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze" and its follow-up. She also showed up in several TV series including the WB's Nikki Cox vehicle "Nikki," from 2001 to 2002.

In 2008, she became host of "The Dish," the Style Network's answer to "The Soup." For the duration of the gig (until 2011), Fishel also attended California State University, from where she graduated last year with a bachelor's in psychology.

It was while she was studying and working as a math tutor that she met boyfriend Tim Belusko in 2009. And, sorry Maxim readers, but the couple is engaged as of last year.