David Hasselhoff gets a species of hairy yeti crab named after him

The Juice

The Hoff is probably best known for running along the ocean's shore, but now he can be seen scuttling across the ocean's floor as well.

Twenty years after he perfected the slow-motion sprint across the beaches of Los Angeles, "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff's infamous chest has inspired the name of a new type of crab that has been discovered on the ocean floor near Antarctica. Thanks to the long hairs on its abdomen, the species has been dubbed "The Hoff."

Scientists discovered the yeti crabs on an expedition two years ago (though findings were only published this week in the science journal PLoS Biology). The critters were apparently heaped up in piles around thermal vents on the ocean floor. Kinda sounds like the real Hoff back in 2007.

But this is not Hasselhoff's first connection to the wild. Two years ago, the actor appeared in a spoof ad for a wildlife show called "Hoff the Map" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in which animals emerged from his chest hair.

"I am David Hasselhoff and I invite you into a completely new and uncharted ecosystem, a thing of rare beauty and excitement," he said. "A world that lives . . . inside my chest hair!"

As Hasselhoff uttered the name of the show, a giant lion burst forth from his abdomen. No crabs emerged. Thank goodness.