Dina Lohan campaigns to get on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Carly Maga
The Juice

If Lindsay Lohan won’t take $550,000 to do it, it looks like her mom will! Dina Lohan has apparently tried to start a grassroots movement to become a competitor on the reality TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”

In an interview with Mario Lopez for “Extra,” the 50-year-old “most misunderstood mother in America” (her words) has some big plans for the future. Besides publishing “A Parent Trapped,” an upcoming exposé on the Lohan family saga of fame and misfortune, Dina would like to go back to her dancing roots and take over the next season of “DWTS.” She even know who she wants her partner to be – Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“He’s supposed to be strict, though!” said Lopez.

“I like that,” Dina responded. (Too bad he’s leaving in 2014.)

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And when Lopez segued into talking about another Max – the one from The Wanted who’s been hanging out with LiLo quite a bit recently – Dina was tight-lipped (almost).

“Oh I can’t go there that’s personal, but yes, he’s lovely,” she said. “They’re friends. Very good friends actually. They’re really, he’s a sweetheart.”

Season 16 of “DWTS” is set to start March 18, and no casting announcements have been made yet -- though pro dancer Mark Ballas has tweeted his preference in the eccentric British electronic musician Ellie Goulding.

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Other tweeters voiced their support for Lohan under the hashtag #DinaOnDWTS.

“@dancingabc I would actually watch your show is @dinalohan was on! #DinaOnDWTS- DO IT!” wrote @niko_new_new.

“@DinaLohan we need to get it trending!! #DinaOnDWTS” wrote @DavidCaplanNYC.

“I want @dinalohan on @dancingABC because it will give the public a better idea of who she really is!” wrote @juniorolivas. The latter two tweets were retweeted by Lohan herself, who previously expressed interest in appearing on the show in 2011.

No one’s sure yet if Mama Lohan can drum up the support to finally get her back into her ballroom shoes. Maybe if she adds a few more fist pumps into her next interview, her campaign will pick up steam.