How Does Justin Bieber Really Feel About Paparazzo’s Death?

The Juice

After the death of paparazzo Chris Guerra, who was struck by a car on Tuesday while shooting what he thought was Justin Bieber getting pulled over by police, the singer expressed his sorrow in a press release put out by his record company, saying his “thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim” – although he never made a mention of the tragedy on his Twitter page. Instead, he’s been tweeting up a storm about his upcoming acoustic album, Believe.

So did that press release truly reflect the 18-year-old’s true feelings? Not according to a new report by TMZ, which spoke to multiple sources who claim Bieber actually had “very little respect” for the photog, but chose to keep his statement kind out of respect for Guerra’s grieving family.

The cub paparazzo, who was 29 and just got into the business last March after working at a casino in Las Vegas, had been following Bieber (or who he thought was Bieber) all day, and had even told a friend just before he was killed that he had photos of the singer smoking marijuana while driving his Ferrari. But the sources also tell TMZ that couldn’t have been true because the singer had only left The Four Seasons Hotel once that day, to grab lunch with friends at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and there had been no pipe involved.

Guerra also reported back to his friend that he saw Selena Gomez’s car parked at the same hotel where Bieber was staying, but the TMZ source says that’s impossible because the two have not seen each other since a monster blow-out on December 30 – two days before the deadly incident – during a getaway to Mexico.

Although some celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, are using this sad situation to capitalize on their anti-paparazzi feelings, Guerra was not the harasser that Bieber’s people are painting him to be, according to those who knew him. A fellow photographer who worked with him at GSI Media told E! Online he was “a sweet, cool guy. You would never get into any scuffle or argument with him ... He never wanted to piss off anybody, was nice to all the celebrities and paps. He never had a problem with any guys. He was not your ordinary mosquito. He wasn't a crazy pap. He would just get too excited."