Grand Valley State University removes art installation because of Miley Cyrus

Recently, Miley Cyrus has been blamed for many things: Ruining the VMAs, damaging impressionable children with her foam finger flirtations, and even defiling good honest American hardware. Now, it seems we can add another offense after Grand Valley State University in Michigan was forced to remove a monument due to students attempting to re-create the "Wrecking Ball" music video.

The monument, a 500-pound pendulum, was designed by sculptor Dale Eldred and has been in place for 40 years. However, it has now been taken down after students decided to use it to re-create Miley Cyrus’s recent video, in which the star swings naked on a similar piece of hardware.

One student-run Twitter account quotes the university’s dean as saying that "the ball has been taken down due to the safety hazard of people riding on it."

However, it seems that several students were able to pay tribute to Miley before the ball was removed, taking to social media sites like Twitter and Vine to share the results.

These guys took things a step further:

For comparison, here’s the original video, which has already surpassed 118 million views on YouTube since being released on Sept. 9:

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