Gwyneth Paltrow as Most Beautiful Woman Met by Mixed Online Reactions

By now, you've probably read that People magazine has selected Gwyneth Paltrow as their "World's Most Beautiful Woman" in 2013. And as with every subjective choice, not everyone agrees with the decision to put Paltrow on the cover.

As popular as Paltrow is in many circles, the 40-year-old "Iron Man 3" actress also has many detractors. In a new omg! poll, 74% of our readers think she was the wrong choice, 13% believe she was the right choice, and 13% remain undecided. Over 37,000 of our readers have voted in just the first few hours since we posted the poll.

"Omg! Insider's" Nina Parker has been looking closely at online reaction Wednesday. She points out that, "It's not that people dislike Gwyneth, it's that they just don't relate to her. A lot of what she does comes across strange to people living outside Hollywood -- that's why so many people love a girl like Jennifer Lawrence because they know women like her. While Gwyneth is beautiful -- people in general online haven't loved the idea of her gracing the cover."

One of the most active members of "omg! Insider's" online community is BuckHollywood, a YouTube sensation with over 600,000 followers on Twitter, who wrote:

@omginsider Anybody but her. #OMGInsider #Goop

— Michael Buckley(@buckhollywood) April 24, 2013

There seem to be three main categories of folks who disagree with Paltrow being the "Most Beautiful" choice this year.

Those who don't relate to her as a person:

Why can't people relate to the Academy Award winner? There are several reasons. The main criticism over the years is that Paltrow seems just too perfect. It's almost as if her standards of living are unattainable to the average person. On her popular Goop website, Paltrow and her friends blog about very highbrow topics, ranging from beauty, to food, to exercise. And a lot of these suggestions come with a very high price tag, making them not an option for most people.

In addition, the perception exists that Paltrow seems to have an "elitist" stamp on her life. Just last week, Star magazine named her Hollywood's Most Hated celebrity (take this one with a grain of salt), a juxtaposition that many media outletsare alluding to today. Fox News wrote an article last week that examines this factor more in-depth. Also, Paltrow lives primarily in London now, the home of her Coldplay lead-singer husband, Chris Martin, and so she's not as regular of a subject on U.S. shores these days.

Those who see the choice as being too tied to the upcoming release of "Iron Man 3" next weekend:

There's no hiding the "coincidence" that Gwyneth landed this cover one week before "Iron Man 3" opens in theaters (May 3), kicking off summer movie season. The public is savvy to such things, making People's choice appear quite transparent. The top comment on omg!'s article about Gwyneth gracing the cover was from "Moonlightlover," who wrote: "Funny how she gets the cover a week before Iron man 3 opens." The comment has 30 very cynical replies, and counting. Folks are asking whether or not there was a major behind-the-scenes play here between Paltrow's handlers, the film's producers, and the magazine's editors, rather than the choice being a completely objective decision.

Those who think someone else would have been a better choice:

Lastly, a lot of users think there simply may have been a better choice out there for this year's cover. The most popular alternative we've seen online is people who think this was actress Kerry Washington's turn. The politically active actress has had a breakout year with both her huge role in "Django Unchained" and the stratospheric rise of her ABC show, "Scandal." Also, she made a huge style splash every time she stepped out on the red carpet at this past awards season. Fortunately, People agreed, and Washington was still featured prominently in this year's issue.

From a couple of "omg! Insider" fans on Twitter:

@bryanmmoore @omginsider @mzgossipgirl would be @kerrywashington because she's ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL.

— Natalie Eshaya(@NegativeNatalie) April 24, 2013

@omginsider @peoplemag @mzgossipgirl Kerry Washington should've taken that number one spot.

— Vanessa Gyan (@Vanessa_Gyan) April 24, 2013

Still, not everyone disagreed with People's choice. Twitter user "swaganess" wrote:

@omginsider @gwynethpaltrow is the Perfect fit,she's so beautiful and She knows it! That Body could makes naomi campbell look man#OMGinsider

— andile nkosi (@swaganess) April 24, 2013

"MahmoudOraby" wrote:

she really very beautiful and she deserves the title. i've Q, how u find me, ur opinion about me?? #GwynethPaltrow #omgInsider

— Mahmoud Oraby (@MahmoudOraby) April 24, 2013

One reason not brought up yet as to why that people might disagree with Paltrow as a choice -- jealousy! Let's face it, Paltrow's life is quite enviable.Who else amongst us can can count Jay-Z and Beyonce as two of our best friends, is married to a rock star, was once engaged to Brad Pitt, has an Academy Award, is starring in a huge movie franchise, has a nearly perfect body, and lives a healthy green lifestyle on a day-to-day basis? Certainly not any of us!

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