‘Harry Potter’ turns 15: A look at the series by the numbers

It's hard to believe that 15 years ago today, J.K. Rowling first introduced us muggles to Hogwarts with the release of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” the first installment of what would become the best-selling series in literary history. The book became an instant hit, selling millions of copies and lighting the torch on a cultural phenomenon that would sweep the globe.

It will no doubt be a proud day for Rowling. So to help her celebrate, why not join us as we look back on her legacy with our “Harry Potter” stat attack.

6: Number of years that Rowling spent writing her first manuscript. The text was written on an old manual typewriter.

12: Number of publishers who were sent Rowling's 200-page manuscript; only one expressed an interest in purchasing rights to the book.

$2,400: Advance paid to Rowling by London-based publisher Bloomsbury. Her agent later advised the author to look for a day job, as she was never going to make a living writing children’s books.

$1 billion: Rowling’s estimated net worth today.

1,000: Number of copies printed during Bloomsbury’s initial run of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” 350 of which were reserved for public libraries.

$40,000: Average value of a first-edition copy.

11 million: Number of copies that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the final installment in the series, sold in its first day of release.

450 million: Number of “Harry Potter” books sold worldwide.

67: Number of foreign languages that the books have been translated into.

9 ¾: Secret platform at King's Cross station that marks the gateway for wizards on their way to Hogwarts. A sign erected at the station in London has since become a popular tourist attraction.

$7.7 billion: Box office gross of the “Harry Potter” movie series.

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