Jay Leno re-creates Bar Refaeli’s Go Daddy kiss

The Juice

Bar Refaeli pulled a fast one on Jay Leno this week.

The Israeli supermodel played a sassy trick on the host of "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night, as Leno attempted to re-create Refaeli's now-famous Super Bowl commercial, in which she smooched nerdy-looking co-star Jesse Heiman.

"Hey, Bar, that Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial you did was great; it was one of my favourites," Leno said. "I'm thinking, any chance we could re-create the ad?"

Watch the full segment below:

Refaeli appeared to take him up on his offer and told him to "pucker up," but as Leno closed his eyes and pouted out his lips, Leonardo DiCaprio's 27-year-old ex grabbed Heiman from offscreen. The 34-year-old actor then proceeded to give the late-night host a smooch.

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The original commercial, which aired during Sunday night's big game, had Refaeli representing the "sexy side" of Web hosting site Go Daddy and Heiman representing the "smart side."

"Together, they're perfect," claimed spokesperson Danica Patrick, before the duo engaged in an epic makeout session in front of her.

Heiman told CNN earlier this week that the PDA took "somewhere between 45 and 65" takes.

“I know the rumors online are that I was the one asking for more takes, but it was actually give and take – she was asking for more, too," he said.

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And despite what you may think, the bespectacled actor doesn't seem to mind being painted as the go-to geek.

“I’m glad to represent the fat guy or the nerd guy,” he said. “All those stories about people getting bullied, I’m glad to represent them and show that you can accomplish anything if you dream big.”