Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts digitally reduced for ‘Client List’ print ad

Carly Maga
The Juice

A little bit of Jennifer Love Hewitt goes a long way, it seems. In an ad to promote the actress's new show "The Client List," about a housewife who works at a massage parlour that offers (ahem) other services, Hewitt's outfit and cleavage had to be retouched to create a more modest image.

In an interview last week, Hewitt said she wasn't consulted about the altered image, which raised the neckline of her negligee and decreased the size of her breasts.

"Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, 'Um, what happened?'" she told the Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ on Friday. "I'm not quite sure what's going on. But apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction. ... The thing that's even crazier is that usually when they do that stuff, I had to see the photograph before they went out anywhere, and I never saw a new version of it."

Never fear, though -- there are still plenty of opportunities to catch the edit-free ad of the buxom beauty. According to Gawker, the retouched ad was used only for Entertainment Weekly, while the original image was used in much wider distribution, including billboards throughout Los Angeles.

Now that's the definition of "If you've got it, flaunt it."

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