Jerry O’Connell: A Man of Many Speedos

Jerry O'Connell has not been the pudgy kid from the 1986 movie "Stand by Me" for decades.

But in his new CBS sitcom, "We Are Men," the 39-year-old shows off a body more taut than ever before, thanks to the required wardrobe: Speedos. Lots of Speedos.

"It is probably the most nerve-wracking job for me to put those on every morning," he said at a Television Critics Association event last week. "We're a couple episodes in and I'm in the Speedo continually."

O'Connell plays a divorced guy who lives with two divorced pals and a younger guy to whom they naturally offer up advice about relationships. And apparently, they like to hang out by the pool while doing so, where O'Connell's character, Stuart, can show off his fab physique while bonding with his bros.

Fortunately for him (and for us!), O'Connell happens to be married to a woman who knows a thing or two about modeling itty-bitty bathing suits. Rebecca Romijn, his wife of six years and a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, was happy to provide him with some guidance.

"My wife's advice was, 'Go get a tan, do some pushups and maybe do some Pilates,'" O'Connell revealed.

While the actor didn't exactly follow his wife's advice in his pursuit of the perfect, Speedo-ready body, he did make a few changes.

"I have joined a gym and I've started drinking light beer," he explained modestly.

Romijn is obviously a fan of the results. She posted a pic of O'Connell wearing Speedos in the background of a snapshot featuring their daughters, 4-and-a-half-year-old twins Dolly and Charlie, out by the pool. "Daddy photo-bomb!" she captioned the funny pic.

Hey, if O'Connell ever really does become so comfortable with sporting barely-there bathing suits that he wants to wear them in his off time, we won't complain!

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