Jon Hamm, girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt’s London hotel room burglarized

The Juice

Jon Hamm surely must be one mad man. The actor and his longtime girlfriend, writer-director Jennifer Westfeldt, were the victims of theft while the two were in London to promote their film "Friends With Kids" earlier this month. It all began when Westfeldt's purse was snatched from her chair during dinner unbeknownst to her. Things got much worse when the thief rifled through the bag and found the couple's hotel key, which just so happened to have the name of the place where they were staying and the room number! So when Hamm and Westfeldt returned home later that evening, some of their personal belongings were gone. "What a mess," Westfeldt, 42, tells Life & Style. "I'm not feeling great. It is under investigation."

Despite the incident, there's one thing Westfeldt is feeling good about: her dreamboat boyfriend. In fact, working together on "Friends With Benefits" — she and Hamm, 41, both starred in and produced the flick, which she also wrote — brought them even closer together. "Some people would say they could never work with their partner, but we found it incredibly bonding," she also tells the magazine about her beau, whom she's been with since 1997. "Independent films are so stressful; it feels like pushing a boulder up a hill. So it felt great to have a partner in crime."

But after 15 years together, don't hold your breath waiting for the happy-in-love couple to make it official. Hamm acknowledges that they have talked about marriage, and "we never say never," but it seems "to us that weddings are sometimes more for the couple's family than for the couple themselves. Besides, neither of us has the greatest family history to point to in that department. Jen's parents' marriage ended when she was very young, my parents' marriage was over by the time I was two."