Justin Bieber Turns Tattoo Artist

The Juice
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If the whole pop star thing doesn't work out for Justin Bieber, it looks like he could have a second career as a tattoo artist.

The 19-year-old ink aficionado found himself on the other side of the needle when he permanently inked Bang Bang at the famed tattoo artist's New York City parlor.

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The newly released photos of the session, which took place last June, show the "Boyfriend" singer etching a tattoo of a muscular mouse – with six-pack abs, of course – onto Bang Bang's leg. Next to it, he wrote the word Swaggy, which is apparently the name of his signature cartoon character.

It was during that same session that Bieber – who has a vast collection of tats, starting with his first, a bird, at the tender age of 16 – received his "Believe" ink on his right forearm in honor of his latest tour, which has been drama-filled to say the least.

Bang Bang is a bit of a celebrity himself, at least in the body art world. He's inked a long list of stars and has asked a few – including Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Chris Brown – to return the favor. Their creations are among the many designs that cover his body.

Of course, neither Bieber nor the other celebrities mentioned are licensed to do tattoos, so Bang Bang could get a visit from the New York State Department of Health. But surely all the publicity he's received from having The Biebs as a client will cancel out whatever fines he could possibly get.

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