Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Purple!

Katy Perry has officially moved out of her blue phase. The singer — who, following her split from husband Russell Brand, colored her famous locks the color of her character in "The Smurfs" — has gone in another bold direction: purple!

Over the weekend the "California Gurls" singer debuted her new look at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. Her purple locks glowed in the sunlight as chatted with friends. At an event for Lacoste, she accessorized her hair with a crown of flowers.

Leading up to Coachella, Perry teased that a change was in the works. While griping about having poison oak on Twitter, she mentioned her makeover. "Somehow in the middle of all this... I found time to change my hair color. Finally." Her hash tag was pretty clever: #foreverawalkingpantonepalette. Later, she described the look as "'90s The Craft meets Garbage meets Tank Girl meets early No Doubt meets Ty from Clueless."

After going blue in January, she talked about the switch, which she says was inspired by Kate Winslet's character from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." She told WWD: "I'm in a really healthy place. I'm working out and on a wonderful meal plan, and I'm taking my vitamins every day. It is showing up on my physique and face. With all those bonuses, I feel I don't have to wear as much makeup. I'm still doing fun things with my hair." As for the bright hue, she noted: "I was trying to find a happy medium between crazy and mature."

Perry has long been expressing herself through her hair, which has been most of the colors of the rainbow at this point. Her colorist, Rita Hazan, said her client is always open for new ideas. "Of course, being Katy, she is a lot more edgy and she's cooler and she likes to take a lot of risks," she told MTV News. "And I love that she's like, 'I'm feeling a little blue, let's go blue.'"

2012 has been a year of change for the celeb … outside of just her hair color. In December, Perry's husband of just over one year, Brand, filed for divorce. They quickly came to a divorce settlement, which included the comedian giving up his part of the $6.5 million Hollywood Hills they purchased last year. Following the headline-making drama, she told Teen Vogue: "I'm tired of being famous already! … Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do. It's quite a delicate creature — it's a wild animal of sorts. It can love you, and then it can attack you."

Tired of fame? Yes. Changing her hair? No.