Kelly Clarkson Has Lullabies and Homework on the Brain

Babies are definitely in Kelly Clarkson's near future.

While the singer plans to "Tie It Up" in an intimate, elopement-style ceremony within the next few weeks, she's already looking ahead to the next step in the evolution of her relationship with fiancé Brandon Blackstock.

"I'm 31! My eggs aren't getting any younger," she told omg! before taking the stage at her private concert celebrating Fair Trade with Green Mountain Coffee. "Brandon's such a great dad — he already has a 12 and a 6-year-old — and I love them. … We've been living together for over a year, I'm so used to having kids in the house now, that I'm like, 'I want a baby.' So I'm making him start right away."

Thankfully, her groom is on board. "He wants to too, so we're good. He's down. He'll put in the time," she laughed.

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When it comes to what exactly it is she's looking forward to about motherhood, Kelly's very happy and relieved that she'll be better equipped than her own parents were to get her tot off to a healthy start.

"I grew up and we didn't have any money," she recalled. "I think the cool thing about my life now is I have so much to offer a little baby, whether it's just healthier decisions right off the bat with what we're eating. We don't have to get the cheap, poor food. … Also, education's always been a huge thing in my family…

"I'm just excited about the whole molding process, about being a part of something like that," she continued. "And I already am with Seth and Savannah, my new kids, but it's just, from the ground up is going to be such a cool experience and I'm really excited about it … I love the homework and the games and all the stuff. I just love everything about [parenthood]."

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Of course, when mom has a set of pipes like Kelly's, we know that baby will also be getting the gift of great lullabies.

"My mom always sang 'You Are My Sunshine,' so that'll be one of them," she teased. "And 'Smile' is actually one of my favorite songs."

"Wrapped in Red," Kelly's holiday album — which she described as her "favorite album I've ever done" — comes out October 29, so she and her main squeeze will be dressing as Santa and Mrs. Claus for Halloween. But that's not all.

"We have a little surprise that we're doing on Halloween," she shared. "We hope everyone enjoys it. We are going to."

If her live-streamed concert this week (which will re-air on October 24) and videos from her trip to coffee farms in Peru were any indication, we're sure we will.

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