Kelly Osbourne’s bumpy trip to Australia

Carly Maga

Kelly Osbourne is a TV host, singer, actress, author -- and now, she's also a columnist for the newly re-launched Australian magazine Cleo. The 28-year-old former reality star was in Sydney this week to help celebrate the mag, and to look at her on the red carpet, you’d have no idea of the rough week she’s had.

Osbourne played it classy with her shiny purple hair twisted up into a beehive, framing her face with a pair of dramatic chandelier earrings. Her black lacey dress that showed off her toned legs and arms was cute, but maintained a rocker edge to it. And above all, Osbourne looked happy and proud to be working with the women’s magazine.

Osbourne seemed to be in relatively good spirits, especially since she heard the sad news that her cherished family dog passed away over the weekend.

“Woke up to the worst news ever! I can't stop crying! It really is an end of an era RIP Maggie!!!” she tweeted on Sunday.

The Osbourne family has had plenty of trauma to deal with recently. Her famous father Ozzy Osbourne admitted to a relapse in his alcohol and drug use in a note on Facebook last month, claiming he was then 44 days sober.

“For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an asshole to the people I love most, my family,” he wrote, insisting that the divorce rumours around him and his wife Sharon are untrue.

But apparently the stress had been troubling Kelly while on her Australian work trip, and she allegedly unleashed it upon a journalist from the Australian paper The Daily Telegraph whom she believed to be fishing for information about her family.

“The conversation didn’t start well: She called me ‘presumptuous’ for calling her rumoured fiancé her fiancé,” Christie said, adding that Osbourne reportedly told him, “You are trying to f---ing turn this around and get s--- on my family, aren’t you?”

Osbourne responded to the allegations with a statement on Cleo’s website: “I've had the most amazing time in Australia, the people have been awesome and very welcoming. During my interview with the Daily Telegraph on Sunday I spoke about a million things; everything from Joan Rivers, the colour of my hair and of course the subjects I will be writing about in Cleo magazine. When the questioning veered towards my parents, I naturally became protective. My family mean the world to me and I will defend them to the grave.”

But the paper wasn’t about to let it end there. They recently published an article titled “Goodbye and good riddance, Kelly Osbourne,” saying, “Kelly Osbourne's departure from Sydney will likely be the highlight of Confidential's week.” Ouch.

Nevertheless, Osbourne looked happy as she and rumoured fiancé Matthew Mossheart departed from Sydney’s airport on Tuesday.

“Bye bye #Australia I will miss! Matthew and I really don't want to leave!” she tweeted on Tuesday. It’s clear Osbourne knows how to deal with drama – appear as if it never happened at all!

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