Kim Kardashian complains about Kris Humphries’ obnoxious barking habit

The Juice

Kim Kardashian cannot stand it when Kris Humphries barks like a dog. Apparently, he does it all the time.

In their first interview since getting married, Kardashian and Humphries engaged in some good-natured bickering on Tuesday's edition of "The Tonight Show." When Jay Leno asked which of his habits annoy her, Kardashian complained: "He, like, literally barks like a dog. It's like him and his boys. Like one's in the other room and they, like, all wanna leave, (so) they'll be like, 'Ar! Ar! Ar!'"

To which Humphries responded: "Not like that! It's one bark!"

Kardashian said her almost-2-year-old nephew, Mason, has picked up the barking habit, much to her family's chagrin.

"You know what we call you -- we nicknamed you the other day when you weren't there -- we call you the dog," she told Humphries. "We're like, 'Where's the dog!'"

The curvalicious reality star and the sarcastic New Jersey Nets player married in an over-the-top, super-glamorous, black tie wedding in California on Aug. 20. E! Entertainment Television, which broadcasts "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and its spinoff series, is airing the Royal Kardashian Wedding in a two-part special on Sunday and Monday.

"My sisters attack him," Kardashian revealed, teasing the special. Khloe Kardashian "says whatever is on her mind. She just has no filter. Kris is the same exact way. They'll go back and forth at each other and neighter one of them will back down. It's really hard."

Rumors of friction between Humphries and the rest of the Kardashian clan have been fueling the gossip mill for weeks. Among the accusations against the basketball pro: he's verbally abusive. He's not cool with the cameras. Everybody hates him.

Kardashian hinted at a reconciliation of sorts, saying "the family gets through it." Humphries gushed: "She had my back."