Kim Kardashian’s Latest Charity Move Incites Fury

The Juice

Well that idea seems to have backfired. On Thursday, Kim Kardashian launched an eBay sale of some of her clothes and accessories to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Sounds nice enough. The catch?

She's keeping 90 percent of the profits from the sale for herself. (Just FYI, her net worth is estimated at $40 million).

The 33-year-old reality start turned music video vixen tweeted a link to a letter posted on her personal website touting her fundraising efforts.

"Hi guys, this is a very special auction because a portion of the proceeds of my eBay auction are going to International Medical Corps, a nonprofit organization that provides critical health services on remote islands where families are struggling to access medical care and basic resources like food, clean drinking water and vital medications," she explained. She did not mention that that "portion" was a measly 10 percent.

"The proceeds will go directly to the communities they’re serving in the Philippines and will help typhoon survivors get access to medical care and ultimately save lives," she noted before adding, "My prayers and thoughts are with those affected by the typhoon. Check out my eBay auction here and support those who need our help in the Philippines. Xo."

The sale features items ranging from super-high-end (like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana) to more wallet-friendly (from her own Kardashian Kollection, of course). She also tossed up a few flashy snapshots of herself posing in some of the more memorable styles.

But it's not the pictures that have people talking.

Kim's move also drew comparisons between her efforts to help the victims and Victoria Beckham's. Posh and her husband dropped off more than 20 boxes of designer clothes and shoes at their local British Red Cross shop to raise money for its recovery efforts in the Philippines. And, for the record, they won't be seeing a dime of that fundraiser.

While we're going to give Kim the benefit of the doubt that her heart was in the right place, something tells us she might rethink things next time she wants to publicly display how "charitable" she is.