Madonna’s Daughter Takes A Summer Job…Folding Underwear!

Think that all children of rich and famous individuals are spoiled brats? Then here's some news you're sure to find refreshing. Madonna's teenage daughter Lourdes spent her school vacation just like a lot of other high schoolers out there: She was busy toiling away at a summer job. Take that, Rich Kids of Instagram!

Sure, it was a gig working for her superstar mom. But aside from getting the job itself, no special treatment was involved. As she explained on her blog Wednesday, the 16-year-old found herself discovering "the joys of folding underwear" while working in the wardrobe department for Madonna's MDNA World Tour.

Lola--who decided to try her hand at a summer job for the age-old teenage reason "all my friends" were doing it--admitted that her work was "a little unconventional" but still a good experience and lots of fun.

As anyone who's seen a Madonna show can imagine, there's no time for goofing off when one is responsible for such a major production's costumes. "Being in the wardrobe department meant me and a few other girls dressed the dancers during the show when they had quick changes," Lola explained. "Thirty seconds to totally dress a sweaty dancer can be insane and provoke mucho anxiety. Doing this night after night was pretty cray, but I loved every minute of it!"

Lola also noted that she enjoyed creating relationships with other departments on the tour crew. "To be able to be a part of such an inspiring production was one of my best summers so far."

Like any other teenager, however, she ended her blog entry lamenting the start of the school year; adding a personalized playlist to help fellow "slothlike" teens out there get moving in the morning.

Madonna's girl isn't the first famous teen to wade into a low-man-on-the-totem-pole gig in the name of experience. Courtney Love's daughter by the late Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, famously served as an intern for Rolling Stone in 2008--where she probably didn't fold underwear, but likely performed the usual duties such as lunch orders and coffee brewing.