Megan Fox is finally ‘cool enough’ for Twitter

Soraya Roberts
The Juice

It looks like Megan Fox has upped her cool ante. The 26-year-old "This Is 40" star told Collider two years ago that she didn't think she was "cool enough" to be on Twitter, but it appears that having a baby has given her the hipness she needs.

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On an account that describes her as "Lover. Healer. Mother." Fox makes no mention of the career that made her famous though she did appear to make a nod to her celebrity status when she announced on Facebook yesterday that she had joined the social networking site.

"Against my better judgment, I have finally joined Twitter. Every possible version of my name is already in use so for now my Twitter handle is
See you there," she wrote before changing her handle to simply @MeganFox, which has since been verified.

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Nor did the actress, who has already collected almost 50,000 followers (while she follows no one), mention her acting career in her first tweet on Thursday.

"I'm incredibly late to the party but I'm here nonetheless, so what now?" she asked.

This morning Fox tweeted a second time after appearing to spend some quality time with her new baby. She and her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, welcomed their first child in October, a son they named Noah Shannon Green.

"Hello twitter. How is everyones day going? 7:30am and we've watched 'A Bugs Life' mine has been action packed as per usual," she tweeted earlier today.

Fox's decision to join Twitter at this point in her life comes as a surprise considering how she has talked about the social networking site in the past. In an interview with Collider in 2011, Fox said she hadn't opened an account because she felt "like it is important to still keep some space and some distance."

"I honestly don’t think that I am cool enough or important enough that anyone would care about what I am doing at all hours of the day like “I just had a latte from Starbucks and now I am going to Barney’s. Love me some shoes!”  Who cares?  Who f---ing cares?" she said.

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The brunette beauty did however add that "if you have it then you should interact with your fans solely based on the purpose of allowing them to feel a little closer to you and allowing them to engage with you."

No doubt her fans are cool with whatever made her finally decide to make contact.