Mila Kunis’s ‘Oz’ interview is pretty adorable

Forget "Oz: The Great and Powerful"! Mila Kunis recently had a powerful experience of her own during an interview.

In London last month to promote her new film, in which Kunis plays naive witch Theodora, Ashton Kutcher's gal pal helped put first-time interviewer Chris Stark (of BBC's Radio 1) at ease. The 29-year-old actress motivated him telling him he was doing "fantastic."

Kunis enjoyed Stark going off topic to talk about Jagerbombs, football (European style), and Nando's chicken restaurant. "This is way more fun for me," she said, holding the mic and imploring Stark not to continue with his "Oz"-related questions. "This is the best interview I've had all day."

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The brunette beauty is not the only actress who has benefited from impromptu journalism. Here's a round up of some other stars who have had some unexpectedly memorable moments with their interviewers.

Last year, Martin Short was every bit the gentleman when his interviewer forgot that his wife had passed away. Seasoned talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford should have known better, but the Canadian star didn't hold it against her and later accepted her apology.

Back in 2010, Bill O'Reilly was surprised to have the hosts of "The View" walk out on him after he argued that Americans didn't want a mosque put up on the site where the twin towers used to be before 9/11. Apparently they didn't agree.

In 2007, Merry Miller's first interview ever was with Holly Hunter for ABC. According to her, she couldn't hear the actress very well, which is why it became the worst chat in history and subsequently went viral.

That was a good year for bad interviews, it turned out. Also in 2007, a young woman interviewed John Cusack for his new film "Grace Is Gone" and proceeded to mix him up with actor Kevin Spacey.

But the prize for worst celebrity interview has to go to Gordon Downs. About five years ago, David Cross agreed to do an impromptu interview with the man who calls himself "Sir Drinksalot." And this, my friends, is why celebrities don't do impromptu interviews.

What's your favourite bizarre celebrity interview?