Mila Kunis tries to evade Ashton Kutcher questions on ‘Ellen’

Soraya Roberts
The Juice

Mila Kunis may be taking her romance with Ashton Kutcher across the world -- from Bali to Australia and to Rome -- but one place where she won't engage in a PDA is on the air.

In a new interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airing Wednesday, the 29-year-old actress spent much of the time evading the host's questions about her relationship with her old "That '70s Show" co-star.

DeGeneres asked Kunis about what she was doing for Valentine's Day, which turned into a cat-and-mouse game of "he who will not be named." The "Ted" star said she didn't put much "emphasis" on the romantic holiday, regardless of whether or not she was single, prompting DeGeneres to ask, "If you had someone -- I don't know if you do or not -- to spend Valentine's Day with, what would an ideal Valentine's Day date be?"

Though Kunis claimed to be in the dark about Valentine's Day, she did admit that something "sweet, simple, and meaningful" would be in order and that she "loves chocolate" and flowers.

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DeGeneres promised she would not "push" her guest on her valentine, causing Kunis to bashfully stroke her hair and look at the audience with a shy smile. She hid farther beneath her mane when DeGeneres followed this up with the query, "You were on that show 'That '70s Show' and I was wondering, do you keep in touch with that cast at all?"

DeGeneres then put up a picture of Kunis and Kutcher on the screen behind them and teased, "Anybody more than the others?" In response, Kunis just laughed and covered her mouth for a brief period of time.

"How's he doing, I wonder?" DeGeneres asked. "Have you talked to him at all? When's the last time you talked to him?"

Kunis started to wipe her eyes and then fanned herself as she laughed some more.

"It's been, give or take, a couple minutes," she finally responded, adding, "My eyes tear up when I get nervous."

"Is it just the thought of him? Are you very emotional?" DeGeneres asked.

"Oh, you ... are such trouble," Kunis replied.

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But Esquire's sexiest woman alive did proudly deny that she watched the couple's old show, despite the fact that they played boyfriend and girlfriend on the Fox series, which lasted from 1998 to 2006.

"Who wants to see themselves go through puberty?" Kunis asked rhetorically.

But just when Kunis thought she had survived the Kutcher crunch, DeGeneres couldn't resist getting in one more jab before the ads began. "We're going to take a break -- do you need to call anyone?"

Despite her obvious discomfort, Kunis appeared to take it all in stride, putting her hand affectionately on the host's as the show cut to a commercial. But something tells us she won't be sending Ellen a valentine this year.