Miley Cyrus posts ‘twerking’ video online

Soraya Roberts
The Juice

Miley Cyrus is dancing off all those rumours about her relationship.

On Wednesday, the 20-year-old "Can't Be Tamed" singer uploaded a two-minute video of herself doing the "twerk" to J. Dash's hit tune "WOP."

"CHECK IT #WOP #1Z #UNICORN #TWERK," Cyrus tweeted along with the video.

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According to Urban Dictionary, to twerk is to "to work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end." Though it's unclear where the dance move originated, Diplo made it popular with his music video "Express Yourself" last year.

Cyrus offers a variation on the theme. Hidden beneath a unicorn onesie, she starts out with some arm and chest moves, then turns around and breaks out some very impressive rear end jiggles. But it's not until the end of the video that Cyrus reveals herself, flipping off her hood and running toward the camera with her tongue out.

"Oh my god!" a woman can be heard saying off camera. And we concur, that was awesome!

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It's not clear whether Cyrus choreographed her own dance moves, though in the official "WOP" video from 2011, there is a little bit of twerking toward the end, when a bunch of background dancers do it on a beach.

"Preciate Miley showin my record luv...," J. Dash tweeted last night.

And it wasn't just him who loved it. After Cyrus posted the video, #Mctwerkteam started trending worldwide -- Pharrell Williams,, and Nelly all retweeted the video -- causing the songstress to tweet, "my night is complete #wop."