Take That, Miley! Suzanne Somers Proves That You Can Still Have a Great Sex Life Over Age 40

What was that you said about things starting to "go a little less sexual" when you turn 40, Miley?

If you missed the 20-year-old pop star's "Today" show interview on Monday, Cyrus informed Matt Lauer, 55, that when you hit 40, your sex drive begins to cool down. Guess she's never met Suzanne Somers.

While making an appearance on "The Talk" Tuesday, the former "Three's Company" star revealed that she and her husband of 36 years (they've been together for 46!), Alan Hamel, have quite a healthy love life. In fact, the 66-year-old confessed that they have sex "a couple times a day," which drove "The Talk" co-hosts crazy, even prompting Sheryl Underwood to yell, "Touchdown!"

So what's Suzanne and her hubby's secret?

"Well, he's on hormones and I'm on hormones," Somers told guest host Carnie Wilson.

"What is it about men at four in the morning?" the actress continued. "There's some love at four in the morning and then I'm really awake at eight or so … we have busy mornings!"

Indeed, they do.

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