Miss Piggy flirts with the stars on the BAFTA red carpet

The Juice

If Miss Piggy's performance at the BAFTAs is any indication, Kermit has got some serious competition.

The "Muppets" diva usually has eyes only for Kermy, but as the red carpet host for Orange at the British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards on Sunday, she batted her eyelashes at every Hollywood hottie from Jonah Hill to Tom Hiddleston.

Wasting no time,  she set about flirting with her first interviewee, Jon Hamm. Miss Piggy called the "Mad Men" star "handsome" before giving him a sneaky kiss on the cheek.

"I kissed Jon Hamm," she screamed at the camera.

Though Miss Piggy made the first move with Hamm, Jonah Hill was bolder.

"Can I have a kiss?" the "Moneyball" star asked her.

Piggy gave him both cheeks, the "Europeean" way, which caused Hill to balk and ask to "go down the middle." After acknowledging he deserved a reward for his best-supporting-actor BAFTA nomination, Piggy complied.

"Aw, you made my day! Thank you," Hill said.

Hiddleston was equally smitten with the blonde bombshell. The "War Horse" actor admitted he was her "biggest fan," causing her to snuggle up to his shoulder before he planted a kiss on her forehead.

Miss Piggy wasn't even beyond flirting with men whose dates were around. She boldly told "The Help" director Tate Taylor he looked "lovely," ignoring actress Octavia Spencer, who was hanging off Taylor's arm.

In mock horror, Spencer told the brazen pig she was going to report back to Kermy that his girlfriend was flirting with other men.

"Please do that, I want him to be jealous!" Miss Piggy squealed.

She then moved on to "naughty" Michael Fassbender, whispering to the British star that she was planning on seeing his sex addict film "Shame" with Kermit.

"I think it'll get things kind of steamy," she admitted coyly.

By the end of the night, Miss Piggy was forced to spurn the advances of British newcomer Adam Deacon, who asked her to run away with him before he won the Rising Star award.

"I haven't air-kissed this much since William and Kate's wedding!" she quipped. "Next time I'm going home with an award -- or better yet, George Clooney!"

Save it for Kermit, Miss Piggy!

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