Nick Cannon Pens Open Letter to Amanda Bynes

In a move that single-handedly might prove that humanity exists in Hollywood, Nick Cannon has penned a tender and supportive open letter to Amanda Bynes. Referring to the troubled star as his "sister," the "America's Got Talent" host calls for empathy from both the media and the public alike.

While he acknowledges that in the past he has answered questions about whether he's been in touch with Amanda with casual jokes (they met in the '90s when they worked on the kids' TV show "All That"), he notes that now that she has been put on a 5150 psychiatric hold — which was extended by a full two weeks — this is no laughing matter.

"I am always the first to say that fame and entertainment [are] one of the best and easiest occupations to ever have, but one must know how to navigate through the matrix or you may find yourself in a very dark hole," he warns. "When a person is told all of their life that they are awesome, the best, the greatest and they are catered to every moment of the day. Imagine being the breadwinner in your household before you can even drive. Imagine [your] parents, teachers, and employers NEVER telling you NO. Anything you ask for or want, the world gives you, at some point you are bound to self-destruct. I call this 'access to excess.'"

And while it's easy to see how this "access to excess" creates many problems for a young star, Nick highlights one specific issue it can lead to that might not be so obvious: loneliness.

"What do you do when you have no solid support system? When you feel like your friends are talking behind your back. When you feel like your co-workers are jealous and out to competitively sabotage you. When you feel your family has turned [their] back on you. When you feel like you parents have a conditional appreciation for you and only really love your money."

Nick argues that this is when things get bad.

"You become paranoid, frantic, manic, irrational, because you [can't] bounce your thoughts or ideas off of anyone anymore. Your reality no longer allows you to reason with the world, so you try to break through to get back to what you think is common ground. You are either trying to get back 'hot' again or just searching for that adulation that you once received daily from the masses."

Mix this mental state with the "ultimate magnifying glass" that is the media — and things quickly spiral from bad to worse. And while Nick acknowledges that most of the press's accusations are "accurate," they are also "inappropriate." In other words, this open letter isn't just to Amanda; it's to all of us. And he's asking us to leave this poor girl alone.

"No one on this planet needs to be judged or even has the right to judge. We are all equal and we all have our downfalls, fame or no fame. Money or no money. Life is hard for everyone in some [sense]. And we need each other [too] in times of despair. No one can make it through anything alone," he declares, before adding, "So I say to my sister Amanda Bynes, you’re not alone. I’m here for you. I understand. I care and I appreciate you, because that’s what family does and that’s what family is for."

This isn't the first time Nick has spoken out on Amanda's behalf. Earlier this summer during an interview on "The Howard Stern Show," he said that seeing how far she has fallen is "sad" and admitted that he's been unable to even reach her because "she doesn't have any of her people anymore."

But he hasn't lost hope, yet. Just last week Cannon sent a message to Amanda saying, "I'm there for you. Whatever you need I'm gonna be there. Regardless of what the media says, hospitalized or not, if you need something, I got you."

And while it seems Amanda has a long, tough road to recovery ahead, with friends like Nick in her corner, she just might make it.

Bynes is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles court on Thursday in hopes of being released from the hospital.

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