Nick Offerman sings birthday song to wife Megan Mullally

Carly Maga

“Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman has been married to former “Will and Grace” actress Megan Mullally for about 10 years, and the Internet has been witness to many moments of their beautiful relationship. We saw another adorable moment this week, when Offerman appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in order to sing a sweet song he wrote especially for his wife called “The Rainbow Song.”

Offerman's voice is so smooth that we almost don't realize he's making jokes about dropping the soap and cooking smack! Or maybe his new bushman look, which includes a big bushy beard and wild long hair, just distracts us from his cleverly disguised filthy lyrics.

The actor's more rugged look is explained by his current role in the play "Annapurna": he plays a dying man who lives alone in a deserted cabin in Colorado (go figure). Oh, and guess what? It co-stars Megan Mullally, too.

Looks like we’ve got this generation’s Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman – proving that couples can be successful in Hollywood and make a marriage work at the same time.

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