No bad blood between Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson on the ‘Hitchcock’ red carpet

Carly Maga
The Juice

Despite Alfred Hitchcock's reputation for being a terror to the women in both his professional and personal lives, the female stars of the biopic "Hitchcock" were all smiles at the film's premiere in New York City this weekend. Scarlett Johansson wowed in a short black-and-green Rodarte dress and black Gucci heels, while Biel chose an unexpected dazzling metallic top and pants by Oscar de la Renta.

But despite their vastly different styles, there didn't seem to be any other clashes between the two -- though there very well could have been.

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In addition to their sex-icon statuses and co-starring roles as '60s actresses in "Hitchcock," Johansson and Biel share romantic connections to Justin Timberlake, which could have made for some awkward red-carpet antics (not to mention tension on the set!). Biel, of course, married Timberlake, her longtime boyfriend, in southern Italy in October, after about five years of dating since 2007. But of course, there was one rough spot that saw them split for a few months in 2011.

It was during that time, in fact, that Timberlake was spotted hanging and flirting with Johansson, who had also recently starred with him in the steamy video for his breakup anthem "What Goes Around ... Comes Around."

But whatever animosity there might have been between the two bombshells seems to be in the past, now that Biel and Timberlake have tied the knot. In fact, reports say that, on the red carpet, Johansson wanted to know all about the couple's African honeymoon.

"It was like magic.... It was like heaven. It was the most beautiful thing," Biel gabbed to Johansson about her luxury $5,715-a-night trip to Tanzania.

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The actresses were joined on the red carpet by fellow "Hitchcock" stars Toni Collette and Helen Mirren, and the quartet looked like a walking jewelry box in emerald, gold, silver, and black.

"Hitchcock," opening in theatres on November 23, tells the true story of the relationship between renowned thriller filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock (played by Anthony Hopkins) and his wife, Alma Reville (Mirren), during the making of the quintessential slasher film "Psycho." Johansson plays Janet Leigh (of the famous shower scene), and Biel plays Vera Miles, who was Leigh's onscreen sister in "Psycho."

With these two stars working so closely together, the backstabbing on the set could have been epic. Luckily, unlike many of Hitchcock's films, their story seems to have a happy ending.