Olivia Munn spoofs alleged nude photo hacking scandal at SXSW

Just in case you thought those nude photos of Olivia Munn were real, the actress is here to insist that they are fake.

The 31-year-old "Perfect Couples" star, who slammed reports last week that seemingly intimate photos she sent to ex-boyfiend Chris Pine had been stolen from her phone, brought up the pics again at the SXSW premiere of her new film "The Babymakers."

Though Munn could not attend the SXSW screening herself, she gave director Jay Chandrasekhar a letter to read aloud to the audience, in which she joked about helping needy children before commenting on the nude photo controversy.

"Some of those pictures weren't even me," she wrote alongside a slightly NSFW photo. "I mean, you can't even see my penis -- and it's pretty big for an Asian. Sheesh."

Along with the letter was a photo Munn had mocked up of herself in a green dress with print scrawled on it. Spoofing the alleged hacked photo, Munn captioned the picture with phrases like, "Slap me with compliments until I can't take it."

And her fans abided, complimenting Munn profusely for her sense of humour on her Twitter page.

"Happy u liked my letter & personal photo ... photoshop and all," she tweeted in response.

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