Peek Inside the Wild $2.5 Million Mansion Kat Von D Is Selling

Lizbeth Scordo
The Juice

She's got tattoos on her face, was once engaged to motorcycle man Jesse James after his infamous cheating scandal, and is planning an underwater wedding to her current fiancé (who happens to call himself deadmau5), so, you already know that reality star Kat Von D has interesting taste. Now, however, we get to see inside the ultimate example of her eccentricity – her home, which the 31-year-old has listed for sale at $2.5 million, according to real estate website Trulia.

The 1920s Spanish-style pad, located in the Hollywood Hills, totals 4,148 square feet and has four bedrooms and four and a half bedrooms, a guest house, and a gated entrance, which all sounds pretty innocuous. But décor wise, Von D seems to be going for an Alice in Wonderland-goes-Goth vibe. The living room features red and purple velvet-upholstered chairs, drippy candles with hardened wax spilling out of the fireplace and on to the floor, creepy paintings of ghastly faces, a dramatic candelabra, and mini replicas of deer on the mantle.

The gold wallpaper-covered dining room, meanwhile, doesn't look like a place for taking in a casual meal after work, thanks to ornately carved high-back chairs and a dark wood table with stone carvings and a cross sitting atop it.

But Von D – who's a fan of unusual antiques for sure (just check out the old-fashioned phone in the kitchen or the religious statues in the foyer) – has said that her favorite thing in the house is her custom-made doorbell that, once rung, triggers a fake eyeball to peer back at visitors from a peephole. Nothing says welcome quite like that!

Most likely, none of the tattoo artist's one-of-a-kind knick-knacks will be staying with the house (unless the buyers really want something and try to write it into the offer letter) and the listing touts features that appeal to a more, er, average buyer like a chef's kitchen with Viking appliances, hardwood floors, original tiles, a backyard barbecue, fire pit, spa, and a retractable projection screen with surround sound for movie night in the living room.

So is selling a place decorated in such a unique style especially challenging? The home's listing agent, Jamie Sher of The Sher Group, says no. In this case, just the opposite is true. "The fact she's put her spin on it only helps," she notes. "It's got an incredible vibe and it shows really strong. It's beautiful. It’s likely to sell to another creative type."

And beneath all of Von D's eye-catching decor lies much of home's original design, as it was built nearly century ago. "It's one of the few [1920s Spanish homes] that has not been bastardized," says Sher. "A lot of classic design elements have been kept intact."

We couldn't help but notice one little item near the front door they might want to put away for the open house … the Grim Reaper's favorite accessory: a scythe.

Jesse, you've been warned.

Check out more photos of the home in the slideshow below.

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