Rebel Wilson to host the 2012 MTV Movie Awards: 10 things we love about the Australian comedian

The Juice

The MTV Movie Awards has revealed its next host, and Australian comedian Rebel Wilson will be handing out the golden popcorn statues on April 14, 2013.

In a new teaser clip that aired Thursday night, the 28-year-old Australian actress and comedian appears as a hostage, kidnapped by an evil Matt Lucas (her "Bridesmaids" co-star, frequent collaborator, and real-life roommate). Wilson seems to hold the key to some sought-after information (such as, you know, when the next MTV Awards show is happening), but she remains tight-lipped for an unexpected reason.

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The clip is just a hint of the in-your-face humour that's now a signature of Wilson, who broke out in Hollywood after appearing as Kristen Wiig's roommate in "Bridesmaids," Fat Amy in "Pitch Perfect," and the betrothed Becky in "Bachelorette." But there's so much more to know about this fearlessly funny, full-figured woman. Here are 10 reasons why we're excited that Wilson is getting some time in the spotlight at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

10. Her siblings are making names for themselves, too.
Wilson's parents are professional dog handlers leading a quiet life in Sydney, Australia. But just as Rebel was making her name in North America, younger siblings Ryot and Liberty were getting famous as contestants on "The Amazing Race: Australia."

9. At 24, she created and starred in her own show.
Lena Dunham's not the only 20-something actress and writer to shake the entertainment world with a bold, funny, and slightly self-deprecating TV series. In 2008, Wilson created and starred in the Australian TV series "Bogan Pride." "Bogan" is an Australian slang word for "redneck" or "hillbilly," which means Wilson knew "Honey Boo Boo" would be a hit before anyone.

8. She had visions of her show business career.
While serving as a youth ambassador in South Africa, Wilson contracted malaria and had visions of herself as a famous Oscar-winning actress. Those visions persuaded her to pursue an acting career.

7. She's health-conscious, not health-obsessed.
Wilson is not the stick-figure-model type, and that's absolutely fine with her. But, that doesn't mean she's not aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle -- she's even a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

6. She picks great role models.
"Jennifer Saunders from 'Ab Fab' and Tina Fey," Wilson told Variety. "They're true writer-performers."

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5. She likes to sing and doesn't care who knows it, even her neighbours.
She and roommate Matt Lucas have a love for show tunes, which don't exactly have their neighbours raising the roof. "We got a letter in the mailbox, and so it's a little bit disturbing because it's anonymous for a start," she told Conan O'Brien. "We've been mixing it up a bit. We do 'Oklahoma,' 'Little Shop of Horrors,' 'Fiddler on the Roof.' The neighbours do not enjoy it."

4. She's not a ditzy blonde.
Wilson originally planned to have a career in mathematics. "I was very academic at high school and was always good with numbers," she told the Sydney Morning Herald when she was 22.

At the time, she was still a law student at the prestigious University of New South Wales, which she completed amid hectic theatre and film schedules. "When I first started, I did negotiate a lot of my own contracts. People look at me and they see my funny, stupid characters and they have no idea. Sometimes when I say, 'Yeah, I could practice as a lawyer if I wanted to,' people are like, 'What? Who’d want you as a lawyer?'" she told Movieline.

3. She is a distant relative of Walt Disney.
Not by blood, but by marriage. Regardless, Wilson said she still wanted to be in "Pirates of the Caribbean."

2. She's obsessed with 'Bring It On.'
While filming "Bachelorette" with Kirsten Dunst, who starred in the 2000 cheerleading flick, Wilson says she "harassed her every day. I was like, 'Remember when you did this bit and that bit,' and I asked her all the questions. I’m fascinated by that movie, I just thought it was so good."

1. She can do a great Lady Gaga cover.
She demonstrated this on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Not to mention Salt-N-Pepa, too.

Wilson is coming up next in Michael Bay's "Pain & Gain," which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg as two bodybuilders who begin a kidnapping scheme that has gruesome results. It's slated to premiere just weeks after Wilson's upcoming hosting duties, so we're sure to see much more of her in 2013 -- and this list is sure to grow.