Russell Crowe and Britney Spears – Style Twins?

The Juice

It looks like Russell Crowe and Britney Spears have more in common than their ability to dominate news headlines with their antics – they also share a similar fashion sense. Well, sort of.

The Aussie, who plays tortured police captain Javert in “Les Miserables,” sported a blue military-style coat in the opening scenes of the Oscar-nominated flick, and it bears a striking resemblance to Spears’ racy flight attendant ensemble in her music video for her chart-topping hit, “Toxic.”

The funny comparison was brought to Crowe’s attention via a side-by-side Twitpics from user @borisprso.

“hey@britneyspears did you see @russellcrowe in #lesMis maybe he is a fan of you ;-))),” @borisprso tweeted.

And, apparently, the notoriously hot-headed star got a kick out of the tweet, because he retweeted it to his 738,000 followers. The tweet, which has since nabbed 462 retweets (and counting!), is making the rounds on social media this morning and we can see why: their teal outfits, which are both paired with goofy-looking flight caps, make the two look like they were cut from the same cloth.

While Crowe’s costume seems appropriate for his scene opposite Hugh Jackman, during which he releases prisoner 24601 on parole, the getup Spears’ dons in her 2004 music video, which features her as a sexy stewardess wreaking havoc in the friendly skies, doesn’t exactly make sense.

Regardless, here’s hoping this silly pic gives Brit a laugh while she’s getting over her recent split from fiancé Jason Trawick.