Sad Keanu now a doll you can own

Remember a few years ago when this simple photo of Keanu Reeves (who was really just trying to enjoy his sandwich) transformed into the Sad Keanu meme? Well, idk, a Japanese toy seller has just the gift for you. Nancy Liang designed the A Little Sad Keanu doll and it’s available for $45 on Shapeways. Or would you prefer the Itty Bitty Sad Keanu for only $25?

An Entertainment Tonight reporter showed the adorable little doll to Reeves during a press interview for the movie “Generation Um…” and of course, the actor’s face remained neutral. He said, “What’s this? Oh my god so… Oh my god,” before joking around with the toy.

But his costars, Bojana Novakovic and Adelaide Clemens showed a little more excitement and denied that he was sad. “This was a happy period for all of us,” said Clemens.

If only Reeves could smile a little more often. Maybe then we'd believe Clemens.

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