Saoirse Ronan’s odd ensemble at the IFTAs: Love it or hate it?

The Juice

Saoirse Ronan may play an alien-human hybrid in the upcoming movie “The Host,” but it appears she’s embracing the futuristic look in real life, too.

While attending the 10th annual Irish Film and Television Awards on Saturday in Dublin, Ireland, 18-year-old Ronan wore a shiny, jet black frock with bold mesh cutouts around the sides and back. She gave her boxy ensemble – resembling a little like a red carpet robot – extra flair by choosing a pair of contrasting stark white lace-up loafers.

The unexpected match was the focal point of the outfit, as this teen decided to pull her hair back in frizzy ponytail with plenty of volume thanks to a super tight crimp added to her signature blonde tresses. With pale skin and neutral makeup, the only accessories Ronan needed were her crystal blue eyes. Taking it all in in one glance, the look was one of the most unique of the night, which saw the drama “What Richard Did” take away the top awards.

Perhaps this young Oscar-nominated actress is simply establishing her own unique fashion sense as her career prepares for a monumental take off. At the past Toronto International Film Festival, she promoted her new film “Byzantium” with Gemma Arterton. Next month, she’ll hit theatres as the lead in the next Stephanie Meyer romance “The Host" (and we all know what “Twilight” did for Kristen Stewart).

She’s also starring in the drama “How I Live Now” alongside Tom Holland (“The Impossible”), Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and was just confirmed to appear in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster.”

Gosling's film is slated as a fantastical thriller and modern-day fairytale involving an underwater world, a single mother and her son. The cast already features Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, and Ben Mendelsohn.

With such a promising next few years, we’re likely to see much more of Ronan's unique outfits.