Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Us Feeling Blue With Denim Disaster

Paging Sarah Jessica Parker, the 1990s called and they want their style back.

The "Sex and the City" star regularly pushes the boundaries when it comes to fashion, but when she stepped out for a stroll with her husband, Matthew Broderick, in her New York City neighborhood on Tuesday in a pair of half rolled-up, elastic-waist drawstring denim pants, she went a little too far.

The 48-year-old actress channeled LL Cool J (in his '90s rapper heyday) and rolled one pant leg up, while she left the other down. Though we hoped that her uneven pant legs were the result of one accidentally falling down, it appears that she walked around the Big Apple all day with the style, leading us to believe she actually was trying to bring back the '90s trend. To top things off, the offending dungarees, which featured bizarre splashes of paint and a tuxedo-style stripe, looked like they could have been the victim of her 4-year-old twin tots, Tabitha and Marion. Perhaps they styled their mom's jeans as part of some weird school art project?

SJP completed the rest of her look with a half-tucked blue shirt, an indigo cardigan, blue ballet flats with a bow, a small black purse, pair of shades, and a neon pink scarf. Unfortunately, even the pop of color couldn't save this outfit.

We hate to say it SJP, but we know even Carrie Bradshaw would be disappointed in this number.

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