See what Heidi Klum looks like without makeup

Suzy Byrne
The Juice

Heidi Klum has gone bare for a good cause.

The supermodel went makeup free in a photo shoot with famous shutterbug Rankin — and looked as stunning as ever without a stitch of makeup. In the black-and-white image, the 39-year-old has her hair pulled back, exposing every inch of her angular face. Although the "Project Runway" creator is a busy mom of four, she's genetically blessed with not the slightest hint of dark circles under her eyes. Sigh!

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The final photo features a tiny paw print on Klum's left cheek, which is a nod to BBC Children in Need's BearFaced campaign. Its goal is to get women in the U.K. to go without cosmetics on November 9 to help raise money for needy kids. Klum said she wanted to participate in the campaign because, "I am a firm believer of encouraging women's empowerment. And what better way to do so than supporting such a fantastic charity."

Klum's decision to go makeup free comes at an interesting time — typically at this time of year when she's usually in full makeup hosting the biggest celebrity Halloween bash of the year. However, she pulled the plug on the party earlier this week after Hurricane Sandy hit the North East. It was a smart decision — the venue where the party was to be held, Finale Nightclub on Manhattan's Lower East Side, is in an area of the city that has been without power for days.

Despite the weather difficulties, Klum has been in New York City over the last few days. On Tuesday, the day after the storm hit and left over 8 million people without power, she posted a photo of herself in the middle of a deserted city street wearing stylish storm gear: black rain boots, hat, and a coat. Then on Wednesday night — when her party should have been happening — she went out to dinner at Nobu with her boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kristen. She opted not to wear a costume for their dinner date, instead dressing in all black again aside from a white scarf.

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But Klum may still get the chance to show off the elaborate Cleopatra costume she had made for this year's soiree. She tweeted that she may retool her party, giving it a holiday theme, and hold it later this year. "Maybe a very haunted Christmas?" she teased.