See Neil Patrick Harris as Sherlock Holmes

Neil Patrick Harris is the epitome of a true Renaissance man. He's a big TV star, Broadway singer and dancer, serious magician, and even serves as the voice of a Disney theme park ride.

This week, Harris showed he may have a little interest in detective work (and pipe smoking) when he launched his new Instagram account with an inaugural photo of himself dressed up in an elaborate Sherlock Holmes costume. And he pulled out all the stops, accessorizing with a houndstooth cape, matching hat, magnifying glass, and, of course that signature pipe. Fiancé David Burtka played Watson to his beau's Holmes, donning a newsboy cap, bowtie, fake mustache, eyeglasses and holding a cup of tea.

And there was a good reason for the costumes: "At our great friends, Becky Baeling & Kris Lythgoe's murder mystery wedding," he captioned the pic. "The game, as they say, is afoot."

Harris already has a whopping 5.7 million Twitter followers keeping tabs on his witty observations and fun pics, so it was only a matter of time before the 39-year-old took the next social media step. So far, 48,000 fans have begun following the "How I Met Your Mother" star on Instagram, but he's starting out slow.

Since opening an account (username: Instagranph), the actor has only put up three pics including the Sherlock Homes shot, and an adorable pic of his and Burtka's 2-year-old twins Harper and Gideon, who look as if they've stepped straight out of a magazine ad in matching leather jackets (his is blue, hers is tan), rain boots, and little jeans.

And then there was this mysterious photo of a horse pulling whoever took the picture (we're assuming Harris?) through a ranch with a barn in the distance. "Took a drive today," Harris wrote. "It took a while."

Sorry, Neil, we'd rather see more pics of the kiddies … or you as another detective. Maybe Columbo next time around?

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