Shia LaBeouf’s Super Creepy Red Light Stare- Down

Shia LaBeouf’s Super Creepy Red Light Stare- Down

We've heard of staring contests, but this borders on eerie! Shia LaBeouf gave motorcyclist, Philip Caputo a major case of the creeps, recently, after engaging in what appeared to be a full- blown staring contest with Philip at a red light in Burbank, Calif.

Luckily for us, the awkward encounter was caught by the biker's helmet cam, and boy, was it uncomfortable. Philip posted the vid to YouTube and explained his odd meeting with the "Transformers" star. He wrote, "This truck pulls up next to me at a stop light. I can see out of my periphery that the dude is just staring at me. The strange part is that he is in a right-turn-only lane and should be turning right. Not wanting to make eye contact I ignore him, but the dude is still staring at me. So I look left, just to see what is going on. To balance things out, I then turn and look right. Turns out it was Shia LaBeouf. We exchanged pleasantries, the light turned."

Shia's publicist could not be reached for comment, but we have to wonder what the look was all about!

Check out the vid to see the super bizarre Shia stare- down.

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