Tina Fey plays Pyramid on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

The Juice

“30 Rock” is over, and so is her gig hosting the Golden Globes, but on Thursday night, Tina Fey proved that she is still on top. At least when it comes to the classic game “Pyramid.”

While appearing as a guest on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Fey and Fallon went head-to-head in the guessing game “Pyramid,” paired with partners from the audience. Fallon was matched with Meagan from Hoboken, N.J., and Fey’s lucky partner was Ryan from Toronto.

We should have known right away that, with a Canadian by her side, Fey was bound for victory from the get-go. And alas, the formidable team of Tina Fey and Ryan from Toronto missed only one word in three rounds of guessing. (They didn't have it easy, either, having to play with the themes “Saved By the Bell,” “Give Me Five,” and “'I' to the ‘O’ to the ‘N.’” Fallon, the gracious loser, performed five pushups as his punishment.

Fey looked relaxed and happy in a blue strapless Rachel Roy dress and nude Christian Louboutin high heels. She's probably feeling a lot less stressed since she’s recently been able to spend some more time with her family on trips to Orlando, Fla., where they went swimming and visiting Walt Disney World.

“You killed it at the Golden Globes,” Fallon gushed to Fey during her appearance. “Every single second of it was so fun. It was fast, it was loose, it was very smart. I loved it.”

Fey, of course, was humble, saying she only wanted to do it to get a photo of co-host Amy Poehler canoodling with George Clooney, and so she could also get a photo with her TV crush, actor John Slattery from “Mad Men.”

“I’m disappointed in my fan photo because I feel like my arm-to-boob ratio is off,” Fey joked.

Even though the Golden Globes were over a month ago, people started raving about Fey and Poehler yet again after last weekend Oscars ceremony. Host Seth MacFarlane has been heavily criticized for his off-colour humour, and has confirmed he would not perform the role again.

With all eyes directed at Fey to reprise her success at the GG’s, Fey also squashed any hopes that she would host next year’s Oscars to David Letterman.

“I don’t think so. For a woman, just the amount of dresses that you would have to try on, it’s a dealbreaker. I’m out,” she said recently.

Maybe there would be hope if the Oscars producers let her reprise her "sweatpants-only viewing party" idea, and had Hollywood’s finest slouch down the red carpet in their best laundry day attire. Now that’s a show we would tune in to.