‘Twilight’ director: Robert Pattinson crushed on Kristen Stewart before filming

The Juice

As the fairy tale goes, Robert Pattinson fell in love with Kristen Stewart at first audition.

But, according to the director of "Twilight," the great Hollywood romance started a little before the actors first met in 2008. And it was one-sided.

Catherine Hardwicke claims RPattz gulped down a Xanax four years ago, not because he was anxious about trying out for the role, but because he was trying out with Stewart.

"He was nervous," she said in an interview with Young Hollywood. "I know he really liked Kristen. You know, he liked her movies and everything."

Though Hardwicke danced around suggestions the Brit star had the hots for his soon-to-be co-star, she finally gave in.

"I think he did," Hardwicke said, acceding that he "scored twice" at the audition by landing the role and the girl.

In November, Pattinson claimed he took antianxiety medication before his "Twilight" reading because he was "so paranoid about messing up auditions" that he had actually started jeopardizing his chances.

"So I took like half a Xanax," he said. "And it went really well."

We'll say. Pattinson, 25, and Stewart, 21, have never admitted to being an item. The closest we got was in October 2011 when Stewart spilled that her boyfriend was "English." However, Pattinson and Stewart have reportedly been going strong ever since.

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