The Wanted vs. One Direction Feud Takes Over Twitter

The Juice

The war of words for One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and The Wanted's Tom Parker is heating up … in 140 characters.

The two British boy bands, who've had a longstanding Twitter feud are back at it again, after Tomlinson mentioned The Wanted during his band's gig at London's O2 Arena on Saturday night.

Here's a play-by-play of exactly what went down:

Tomlinson announced to a crowd full of screaming girls, "Jake Bugg’s support and The Wanted, the best team ever."

The audience booed and Harry Styles jumped in and chided, "Oh come one! We’re all friends."

Tomlinson followed up his comments by saying, "We love those people, we appreciate those artists."

Somehow, the two 1D stars' on-stage exchange set Parker off on a Twitter rampage.

"@Louis_Tomlinson you even talk about us at your own gigs," he wrote. "Are you that upset you didn’t get in this band?'

Not long after, Tomlinson sprang to action tweeting, "@TomTheWanted Pal, we both know I wouldn’t waste my time auditioning for your band. You humour me with your bad boy persona." He then followed up the tweet with a link to a Metro story that highlighted Parker's failed "X Factor" audition.

Fighting fire with fire, Parker shared a video with his tweeps of the 21-year-old's audition on the hit British singing show with the caption, "You were too busy 'wowing the judges' with THIS #louisgottalent #nicework (sic)." He then added a low blow by claiming that Tomlinson has to beg producers to feature him on 1D tracks. "Yes @Louis_Tomlinson, I don’t need to call producers to beg my way on to a track over my 'friends' #crybaby #loyalty #louisgottalent (sic)."

Tomlinson wasn't going to take that sitting down. He angrily shot back, "@TomTheWanted Interesting you have to entertain your many followers with lies. I actually think you could be the biggest t*** on twitter."

The two continued to exchange barbs until Liam Payne, 19, jumped into the ring by taking aim at Parker's vocal chops. "@TomTheWanted @Louis_Tomlinson hey Tom lets talk about your singing your amazing tone pierces my ears with every note :" he tweeted.

In typical boy band fashion, Parker got a little help from his pal, bandmate Jay McGuiness, who posted a long series of Twitter rants.

"Dear @Louis_Tomlinson, please stop mentioning us in your gigs, we certainly no longer mention you and it’s time to let dead dogs lie," McGuiness tweeted. "Your passive-aggressive style of speaking makes me cringe, and I wish you’d either have the b******* of some of your co-workers to speak truthfully, or the class of the majority of them to be silent."

Adding, "I’m not sure what’s happened since we saw you at the XFactor, but you’ve done a sterling job of becoming one of the most overrated, arrogant and not to mention insincere people around." Finishing off his tweets with, "Your shocking lack of talent will only be forgiven by lots of humility and no-strings-attached friendship among your band. Louis, don’t measure your worth in followers or money, because they’re fickle, and when they go you might just feel worthless."

It looks like Tomlinson got the last word in though, by responding to Jay with, "@JayTheWanted this would be a lovely insight for your next book. You must have been a splendid student. Never forget you boys started this."

Parker has since removed his tweets, but McGuiness, Tomlinson and Payne have all kept their banter on display.

We don't really care who started this war, but it is starting to get ridiculous and give us a Twitterache. We have plenty of room in our hearts for both boy bands – there's no need to fight!

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