Paul Rudd pranks Conan O’Brien with ‘Mac and Me’ clip for 9 years

The Juice

Paul Rudd is making sure the legend of "Mac and Me" continues. The "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" star seems intent on using the 1988 family film as the punch line for the longest-running joke in late-night television.

Starting with his promotional tour for 2004's "40-Year-Old Virgin," Rudd has been swapping out the clip of his movies with the old classic — specifically, the scene in which the little boy loses control of his wheelchair and plummets off a cliff and into some water — each time he appears on Conan O'Brien's show. A video uploaded to YouTube last month shows a supercut of all the times he's done it (six in total).

"You have been showing that stupid clip on my show for, I think, 15 years," O'Brien said in April. "And you always convince me you are not going to show it again. And you promise me you aren't going to show it again, and you show it again."

In fact, the 44-year-old actor would have shown it a seventh time, while he was promoting 2007's "Knocked Up," but Judd Apatow would not let him. The film's producer was so adamant that he not pull the gag that he actually took extreme measures to ensure Rudd toed the line. "Judd Apatow flew across the country and stood here to make sure," O'Brien said. "He knows that every time you come on our show you show that clip."