Watch Shaquille O’Neal lip-synching to Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’

Carly Maga
The Juice

With her big, bold, belting, and bootylicious Super Bowl performance, Beyoncé blew away critics who blasted her over a lip-synching controversy at President Obama's inauguration last month. On Sunday evening, there was not a technical glitch in sight (until the stadium suffered a blackout, that is).

But while Queen Bey used her own pipes to wow the world, the same can't be said for a few of her fans in the audience. In fact, one in particular seemed pretty proud of his pseudo-singing skills: NBA star Shaquille O'Neal posted a video of himself mouthing the words to Beyoncé's soulful hit "Halo."

"I can feel your halo beyonce was fabulous," O'Neal tweeted Sunday night from the Superdome.

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O'Neal was seated in the stands, surrounded by other football fans with their cameras out and pointing toward Beyoncé. However, O'Neal opted to aim his camera phone in the opposite direction, giving himself a moment of fame. It's true, he does give a rousing performance; his eyes express the drama in the words and Beyoncé's voice. It's clear he has years of acting experience — or at least previous experience lip-synching to Beyoncé (in drag).

Plenty of viewers seemed thrilled with Beyoncé's showstopping set, which included a reunion with Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. But not everyone was feeling the reunion. R&B singer Keyshia Cole would have preferred Williams to have been benched during this one.

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always f----- the groove up,” Cole tweeted, slamming 32-year-old Williams.

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Well, it seems not everyone agreed with Cole: Destiny's Child's record sales reportedly soared 600% after the performance, including the band's brand-new "Love Songs" release and the new tune "Nuclear."

Now, if Shaq could pull off a lip-synching routine to all three of the Destiny's Child ladies, then we'd really be impressed.